The strategy below is to enable Oddscrypt Limited complete all projects on time.


  • $20 USD / Consultation Fee
  • Free / For those that continue with our services.
  • NOTE: This fee shall be levied at the first consultative meeting.
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  • Computer Applications

  • From $240 USD / Design & Development
  • Free / Installation
  • Free / 3 Days Training
  • & 80 USD / Hosting Fee
  • $100 USD / Maintenance Fee
  • Note: Maintenance Fee may increase depending on the amount of work.
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  • Websites

  • From $100 USD / Design & Development
  • $80 USD / Hosting Fee
  • Free / 3 Days Training
  • $20 USD / Maintenance Fee
  • Note: Maintenance Fee may increase depending on the amount of work to be done.
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  • System Analysis & Design

  • From $400 USD / Dependig on the nature of work.
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  • Computer Networking

  • New / Service
  • ODDSCRYPT LIMITES / Has received many people asking for Networking services.
  • To serve all of you better, we now partner with some of the best Companies to Provide this service to our clients.
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  • On our first consultative meeting, a fee shall be Levied.
  • 60% / of the agreed amount shall be required to commence work.
  • 40% / of the amount on completion of the Project.
  • Then / A periodic fee(Maintenance Fee) shall be required to manage the Product.
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  • Oddscrypt limited and the client must work together to complete the required Product in a timely manner. We agree to work expeditiously to complete the work brought to us not later than 32 DAYS (For Websites & Databases), 3Months (For Mobile Apps and Computer Applications) from Initial Contract Approval.


    This contract provides the client with all the Website maintenance services provided by ODDSCRYPT LIMITED on a weekly basis. In addition:
  • 1.Social Media advertising and management
  • Here we Post and edit content, Attract traffic for the pages, Ensure visitors' posts and comments are attended to, Monitor activity on the social pages.etc..
  • 2.Online advertising


    This is a compulsory plan for all our clients. We always want the best for all our clients and because of this, we do a compulsory quarterly maintenance to all the Websites we design in order to improve appearance, attract more visitors and increase your web presence. This is for those clients that are not interested in the Monthly Maintenance contract.


    Websites and other software applications are designed by companies and individuals for a purpose: Usually marketing and easing Business processses. At ODDSCRYPT we go a head to maintain these products Weekly to ensure that they serve the purpose for which they were designed. For example we make weekly website Upgrades, manage social pages and do Online advertiing for our clients.